Andy Morley – VFX Supervisor

Andy is a highly experienced, award-winning visual effects supervisor, renowned for his work on Avengers: Infinity War, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and Batman Begins. 

Having been introduced to computer graphics in the late ’80’s from his (still working) Commodore Amiga, Andy quickly started blending the creative artistic visuals with technical coding – and fell into the world of VFX. Since those humble beginnings, Andy’s passion has led to his involvement on the smallest indie projects to the huge Marvel blockbusters, working across the globe at many exciting studios from Cinesite and MPC to LucasFilm and Aardman Animations.

Andy’s extensive experience encompasses production on set as well as creating complex visual effects work with incredible attention to detail for groundbreaking VFX features such as Avatar. Most recently he was On-set and CG supervisor on VFX for News Of The World for Outpost VFX.

Off the back of supervising major motion pictures over the last decade, Morley will lead and creatively supervise work on key projects with the Milk team while also working with his own studio based in France. His passion for narrative storytelling is pushing him into areas of real time, motion capture, and newer software products and workflows.

Andy graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation, and he continues to study with the Open University currently.  In his spare time, Andy can be found playing with modern technology in his ancient vineyard in southern France.